How to Avoid Headaches

when it comes to buying real estate you want to make sure to be open and honest with your realtor. You have to remember your realtor can only help you if your clear and accurate about your needs and wants. Follow these few simple suggestions and you will find that all transactions become that much easier. 

1 - Give an accurate budget.
 Make sure the price range you pick is as close to your limits as possible. Giving inaccurate budgets just wastes your time, specially because you will spend a long time looking through listings are not suitable for you.

2 - Give an accurate description of what your looking for in your new home.
I know describing your perfect home in a few words can be difficult, but by fully describing your requirements your realtor can narrow your options and weed out the unsuitable properties. Remember to make a clear list of your priorities and be as honest and detailed as possible.

3 - Take advantage of your realtor's experience.
 When it comes time to making offers, let your realtor find out what a property is worth by doing a CMA (comparative market analysis). This way you get a better understanding of that neighbourhood and what prices should be. 

4 - Patience 
It can be difficult sometimes to hide your emotions, specially if your in a tense bidding war or even a situation where your offer has been countered and you feel like your not going to get that perfect property. In these situations you have to rely on your realtors capability of being a strong negotiator. You don't pick your realtor based on their abilities of filling in a form and emailing it, you pick a realtor that knows how to fight for you to get you what you deserve. 

5 - Enjoy
When all is said and done, at the end of the day you want this transaction to be enjoyable and easy. You're buying a new property that represents all your hard work and sacrifices. You have the privilege of purchasing a property in one of the worlds most expensive cities and that's an accomplishment you should be proud of.  So enjoy the process and let your realtor take care of the logistics and details for you.