Looking to Buy a New Home?

Buying real estate in vancouver is not something to be taken lightly. Being one of the worlds most expensive cities in the world, you are now more vulnerable then ever. The relationship between the agent and buyer needs to be one of absolute trust, whether you are buying your very first home or you're a seasoned investor, I will be on your side looking out for your best interest. 


What To Expect Us When Your Looking For A Property

  • We meet personally and get to know each other ( the better understanding of the clients I have the better I can help them)
  • Go over your budget 
  • Determine desired location
  • Meets your requirements? 
  • set up and schedule viewings 
  • Handle all negotiations 

  • Prepare all necessary documentations
  • Recommend all necessary professionals ( Lawyers, inspectors, mortgage brokers etc ) 
  • Help you determine a strong long term strategy for your investment. 
  • Prepare and schedule a viewing tour, this allows your to view multiple properties in the same day to better gauge your options. 
  • Full transparency, we don't like to keep our clients in the dark. We want you to fully understand all the steps we take durning the entire process.

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Kiarash Kalhor

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