what is the "working with a realtor form"

Once you decide to work with a realtor you are going to have to go over a few forms that are mandatory. One is the working with a realtor form, what this form represents is 3 different types of representation. The two main options are customer or client, the two just distinguishes the level of fiduciary duty owed to you. Customer relationship will grant you the basics such as being showed listings and having simple questions answered. The second is the client relationship which grants you full fiduciary duty that gets you a realtor who can negotiate on your behalf and is responsible for you almost like a lawyer. The third is a limited duel agent, this basically means that your realtor is representing the sell and the buyer on the same property. This means that the realtor has to keep both sides info confidential and be none biased. wgich ever option you choose it's not something that your obligated to work with said agent indefinitely, you can choose to switch realtors at any time.